The Coughlan Group - construction, relocation and fitout project and cost management


The Coughlan Group utilizes a client-centered project management approach. We apply this system to the management of scope, organization, quality, cost, time and people. Through the life of a project, The Coughlan Group implements four major management functions:

  • Planning: Objectives; roles/responsibilities; milestone plan
  • Organizing: Define reporting and communication
  • Implementing: Communication; delegation; coordination
  • Controlling: Report progress and variance; adjust plan
The Coughlan Group’ approach to scope management is evidenced at every stage of a project:
Conceptual Development Determining and documenting the best approach for achieving the project’s objectives
Scope Statement Documented description of project output, approach and content
Work Authorization Process of sanctioning work
Scope Reporting Process for periodically documenting the status
Control Mechanism Systems introduced to ensure completion of project tasks
Project close-out Providing acceptance of the project by the sponsor
Specific management tools reflect a structured approach:
Roles & Responsibilities:  
Organization Charts A tool for managing the reporting structure and clarifying roles and responsibilities
Comprehensive Budgets Includes a column for potential exposures which, based on our combined experience, may impact the project’s critical milestones. This is not simply an accounting of dollars spent, but rather, is an effective management tool for projecting and anticipating future expenditures.
Milestone Schedules Focuses on results. Tracks interim objectives and their impact on project completion. As new information becomes available, the project plan remains robust. Permits us to evaluate the need for new resources as new work is identified. Helps to eliminate the loss of credibility when a plan spirals from planning and re-planning.
Procurement Policies Request for Proposals for all services engaged on the project. TCG can ensure a fair ‘apples to apples’ comparison of scope to price as submitted by each of the respondents to a request for proposal. TCG’s scope description per phase and cost breakdown by phase ensures a detailed response to enable a detailed evaluation.

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