The Coughlan Group - construction, relocation and fitout project and cost management

Who We Are

The Coughlan Group, Inc. (TCG) is dedicated to providing value-enhancing services to its customers. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals, experts in Project, Cost, Construction & Real Estate Development Management forms a partnership with every client to develop a customized management strategy for each project initiative entrusted in its care.

Increasingly, competitive pressures are forcing companies to concentrate resources on core activities. Thus, many firms are outsourcing the management of their construction or real estate projects and non-core support services to industry experts such as TCG.

What We Do

TCG provides the tools and processes (Scope of Services) of Project Management that are at the forefront of meeting the diverse and ever-challenging real estate needs of our corporate clients

TCG’s team of professionals analyzes project requirements and objectives, develops budgets and schedules and definitions of performance to determine the outputs or deliverables expected by our clients. Value enhancement and risk reduction are the underlying principles that guide every step of our involvement in each assignment.

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How We Do It

Remaining focused on the operational, financial, quality and time to market goals of our clients, our services create and preserve value, specialized knowledge and local expertise. Our objectivity and depth of experience managing similar projects is brought to bear on every assignment. Coupled with the integrity of our staff and a commitment to leading edge technology including ‘Web based Project Management’, TCG has earned tremendous respect from our clients and peers in the industry.

Since it’s inception, TCG has amassed a prestigious list of Clients who entrust us with repeat business and referrals to new business because of our dedication, attention to detail, the commitment of our president, Michael Coughlan and our philosophy of ‘Client-Centered Project Management’ which underscores all of our endeavors.

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