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Cost Management

The value analysis methodology has recently become more usual for architectural, building and civil engineering projects. Significant benefits are derived through its application as a core tool for guiding improved business/project decision-making and control. With the formal inclusion of risk considerations, value analysis methodology is a particularly powerful project development aid and enabling mechanism for accelerating the approval process at each stage.

TCG's 'Holistic' Approach

The Coughlan Group uses the term Value and Risk Management (VRM) in a holistic approach applied in different phases of a program/project. Through the proper use of TCG’s value methodology, economic assessment, risk and uncertainty are addressed.

Construction projects have acquired a reputation for confrontation between the contracting parties resulting in:

  • Major claims and over expenditure
  • Delays and business interruption
  • Poor overall value for money
  • Client discontent

The causes of these problems can often be traced back to misalignment of the client and/or project team expectations from the outset. Since building projects are delivered over time with inputs from different parties, it’s this multiplicity of inputs at different stages that lead to problems. To avoid such problems, there is a need for routine proactive VRM to improve clarity of context and assess needs, objectives and lines of communications. TCG acts as the facilitator in this function by providing the VRM to our clients in all of our programs/projects.

Scope of Services

TCG provides value and Risk Management in accordance with the following:

  • Definition/clarification of project objectives in tangible terms
  • Development of project success evaluation criteria
  • Development of project team roles and responsibilities
  • Project budgeting & estimating
  • Milestone and detailed project scheduling/planning
  • Thorough RFP and bid evaluation tools
  • Objective and concise evaluation of options
  • Accurate and comprehensive cost control tools
  • Contract development and administration
  • Document review and value engineering

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