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Our Philosophy of "Less is More"

Positioning projects to be more successful with less resources is an art form if done correctly. The solution to poor project performance results is not solely cost cutting, but effective cost savings and managing differently. TCG can accomplish this by determining how to get more results with less. This is what cost management and re-positioning construction projects is all about.

TCG's 'Re-Focused' Approach

TCG are experienced in every facet of the cost management process of turning low budgeted building projects around. For the most part it requires ‘Re-focusing’. TCG's hands-on approach involves:

  • strategic procurement advice
  • project lifecycle costing
  • cost management reporting
  • cost estimating
  • cost benchmarking
  • value analysis

In summary, we take a project apart and put it back together so that it focuses on the value added/results oriented types of requirements of the project objectives

Scope of Services

TCG offers the following services in response to project change management

  • Project organization analysis (People review)
  • Project deliverables review and assessment (budget, quality, Specification review)
  • Work Flow analysis (schedule review)
  • Value analysis - project systems/materials and finsihes cost review
  • Implementing changes to reduce project costs

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