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Home Page The Coughlan Group, Inc. (TCG) offers professional construction project management , cost management, value analysis and change management services
Company The Coughlan Group, Inc. (TCG) is dedicated to providing value-enhancing services to customers through Total Program Management. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals, experts in Project Management, Value Analysis and Change Management forms a partnership with every client to develop a customized management strategy for each project initiative entrusted in its care.
Services: Project management

The Coughlan Group utilizes a client-centered project management approach. We apply this system to the management of scope, organization, quality, cost, time and people. Through the life of a project, The Coughlan Group implements four major management functions:

  • Planning: Objectives; roles/responsibilities; milestone plan
  • Organizing: Define reporting and communication
  • Implementing: Communication; delegation; coordination
  • Controlling: Report progress and variance; adjust plan
> Cost management

The Coughlan Group uses the term Value and Risk Management (VRM) in a holistic approach applied in different phases of a program/project. Through the proper use of TCG's value methodology, economic assessment, risk and uncertainty are addressed.

> Dispute management

TCG offers the following services in response to project change management

  • Project organization analysis (People review)
  • Project deliverables review and assessment (budget, quality, Specification review)
  • Work Flow analysis (schedule review)
  • Restructuring and re-organizing
  • Eliminating inefficient operations/work
  • Implementing changes to reduce project costs
  • Ongoing project management
> Real estate development management The Coughlan Group (TCG)'s Real Estate Development Project Management Group represents clients that are active throughout the world in all phases of real estate investment, financing, development, and operations. The work of our real estate development project management ranges from residential new builds, conversions and renovations.
Clients & Projects: Client roster A short-list of clients for whom we have provided consultancy services.
> Key projects (by services rendered) A short-list of projects handled, and the areas of expertise provided to the clients.
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> Introduction & Project Initiation (secure page)

Given the complexity of the design and construction process, it is crucial that all projects follow standard procedures and that proper approvals are in place prior to committing to any costs, schedule & quality deliverables.

The Coughlan Group, Inc. (TCG) has developed and tested these procedures and implemented them on multiple projects. Working closely with a Real Estate Broker, TCG's focus is the planning, organizing, implementation and controlling of the office design, project management and construction. The objective in centralizing the process is to ensure consistency and provide a methodology that allows us to take advantage of previous project experiences.

> Procedures (secure page) Documents related to project start-up, building selection, consultant selection, space programming, schematic design, design developemnt, contracts, bidding, negotiation & filing, and finally construction.
> Forms & Templates (secure page) Forms and templates related to project start-up, building selection, consultant selection, space programming, schematic design, design developemnt, contracts, bidding, negotiation & filing, and finally construction.
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On-line project management system Full service project management communication, document exchange and coordination system.

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